Friday, September 7, 2012

Advance game 2012

The moment of truth. Let the ball game begin! :)


Our opponent. :) GO CAFENR!
During the game

Me throwing the ball. :)

Me again, driving the ball.
After the game


The Winner 1 meets the Defending Champion. Undefeated pa din!!! :) Natalo man kami pero feeling namin panalo pa rin kami. Super saya ehh. Kunwari championship na. Hahaha. This is the true meaning of SPORT; to have fun, to gain friends and most of all, to play with an honest heart :")

The game was super duper uber mega FUN-tastic! 'Yung feeling na dapat ka maging sad kase natalo ka? We never really feel it. We just know that we give our best shot. You guys are AWESOME!!! Applause!! I really can't put into words how happy I am. One thing that I admire the most in CAFENR team is they are so very passionate about what they do. So guys, you deserves your title. THE CHAMPIONS, INDEED! 

Thank you so much sa masayang game.. Love youuu guys! Looking forward on meeting you sa field again.  You have the all out support of CED Football Women :)) Kitakits sa intrams week! :) :** 


P.S. Thank you for the photos JOSH GONZALEZ :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

There's beauty in a smile


            Hey, another entry? Yep! So here's the latest catch up. She's Ms. Beyie Gomba. My friend's girlfriend. I don't really know her personally, but one good thing I want to share with you about her is she's not snubbed. She is a very adorable girl who loves writing, too. A girl who's passionate about what she do, a girl who is devoted in praising the Lord and a sweet servant of Christ Jesus, a girl who loves her boyfriend so much and a girl whose parents are proud to have her. Am I building her up that much? Lol. She's a sweet person, too. I can't believe that she's fun to talk to, but, I better now. :) She's like her boyfriend, they're both kind, approachable, makulit and what more can I say? Uhmm. Basta they're far from perfect but REAL. Uhm, Beyie, if ever you had the chance of reading this, I just want to say sorry for getting some photos of you without asking for your permission. Well, I hope you'd understand. :)  She's pretty right? Beyie's smile keeps her young at heart. :) 

Here's a glimpse of some of our conversation

P.S. Thank you for being so nice. Keep the faith glowing in fire! :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fashion is her Passion

Where I am hooked up lately? It's her. Yep, Miss Tracy Ayson. A fashion blogger, freelance fashion stylist and writer. I so love her, the way she dressed up, her blogs, plus her being entertaining to me whenever I tweet her. She's just so amazing for me. Well, this is already part of my daily routine, reading all her entry in her blog and posts in twitter. Love you Tracy. You're such an inspiration to me. God bless you!

One of the proof. Her tweets for me.

P.S. Thank you for being so kind and sweet. Lovelove!

'Till death do them part


As I heard the news about the passing of Jason Infante, I felt sad. He died so young. I felt sorry for the family, relatives and especially the girl she loved, Iyah. Yep, I don't know them personally. Though, I tried to comfort Iyah in best way possible. I want to hug her and whisper in her ears that Jesus loves her so much. In the left side of the photo, their T-shirt says "Till death do us part". Jason already did his promise to her girl, Iyah. In the right side of the photo, it's Iyah in Jason's wake. Showing that despite of her losing his boy, she can still smile and go through, she know that it is hard but for her boyfriend, she know she can make it. Ever since I heard this news, I'm always affected. It never happened to me but I know how it feels to lose someone you really love, someone who complete all your dreams in life, someone who's taking care of you, someone you know you'll marry. Iyah, you'll be experiencing more problems as you go and explore life but keep moving and keep your faith to the Lord. He knows what's best for you, for him, in all of us. His death may be sudden for us, but perhaps he has already finished God's purpose for him. Keep smiling Iyah. Your relationship with him is what we called "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE". Because it consist sacrifice. Love is everywhere, but unconditional love is rare. Always remeber, God willl never give you a cross larger than you can carry. So stay strong Iyah, I know she's smiling with you up there in heaven. No more tears baby, God bless you! :)

(Our conversation in twitter)

P.S. Thank you for your response.

Saturday, August 25, 2012



Maalala mo kaya is Asia's Longest Running Drama Anthology. Tonight's MMK episode is as good as I'd ever thought. They brought to life the meaning of what really a family is made of. Brenna Garcia as Apple, she is the one who made the love in the family grow stronger as she passed away. In the beginning, during and after the end of the story, i was like, "WOW". She has acquired a very good set of skills in acting. This little adorable girl makes the story wonderful. If i could weight the flowing tears in my eyes, I think I can produce two or more bottle. Hahaha. Kidding. But what more can I say? The Actor and Actresses, the writer, the wonderful story plus the astonishing network. A round of applause for yooouu. Loveyou Apple (in real life) My condolences to your family. I know your watching and guiding them by now. You really touched and blessed the lives of those people (including me) who have had watched your life story. KUDOS!

Friday, October 16, 2009

1st Birthday Celebration Together

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, happy birthday… happy birthday to you!!!”
The song which really awakes me. And I feel like oh… my alarm clock! Why it alarmed so early? But when I opened my eyes *kaboom* it was just a dream. Then I remember it’s my best friend and my dorm mate’s birthday today. I want to be the one to greet my best friend on her special day (exactly!), but the thing is we’ve made a plan. I need to make her angry first on her day and to make her feel that this is the worst birthday she will be celebrating in her entire birthday. (Sounds interesting huh?) *bare with me*LOL.
As they entered the room we were singing the (actually the most unforgotten song of the birthday celebrant) Happy birthday song. They cried because of happiness and they were both shocked because of the surprise party we made for them, they didn’t even know that it would actually happened.
Rain or shine, wet or dry the party must go on. This celebration was really unforgettable day and moment for us, we had a lot of fun (really). The food was greatly enjoyed and the party was a big success and congrats to me cause it was all worth it.
It would not be all perfect without the help and cooperation of our friends.
Special thanks to:
Noren Faith Jocson* te nhorz :)
Jhaleen Karen Apas* jaja :)
Evangeline Grace Mercado* pastora :)
Vina Krystel Nankani* telay :)
Khristine Joy Panado* mamu tin :)
Charlene Mae Detera* charm :)
Shahara Monterde* sha :)
Jerilyn Bayugo* jhe :)
Janel* kah :)
We would also like to thank the ff:
IndangeƱos Restaurant --
Dimples Bakeshop --
Coca-Cola Family --
Nor’s Guava --
Takashima --
Zagu --

First Time

It’s my first time to make my own blog and though I’m a beginner I’m not afraid to express what I want to say (through typing). :) Even though I’m not that good in speaking English Language, I know that someday, somehow it can enhance my English Speaking.
Eeeeeeeeeeh! Don’t wanna hear your comments about my blog. Im gonna get hurt. LOL*

But how can we learn if we don’t take risks, diba? Kaya ayos lang yan. *laughs* Di naman kailangan mag-English para makabuo ka ng isang maipagmamalaking blog, sometimes tagalog na salita lang enough words na para ma-express mo ang sarili mo at masabi ang gusto mong sabihin.